Activplus Exercise Physiology
ABN 27 429 976 868
About Activplus
The benefits of using Activplus as a service provider.
1. evidence-based approach: no trendy use of the latest gear- just practical approaches that have been shown to work time after time.
2. low cost- practical, adaptable self- management approach is the ultimate goal of all Activplus' targetted exercise/ lifestyle management programmes
3. Motivational Interviewing techniques are extensively used to establish what part of the motivational continuum clients are at currently and achievable techniques are demonstrated clearly to enable clients to move forward confidently to achieve their targets

Activplus is located at Park Beach Family Medical Practice, 253 Pacific Highway Coffs Harbour at the Park Beach Plaza ( between Aldi and KFC ).
Activplus commenced in Victoria in 2002.

Since arriving in Coffs Harbour at the end of 2005, Activplus now services insurers, local doctors and rehabilitation agancies and private clients.

Client referrals can be made by phone, fax or email. Please see home page for contact details or use the contact page to send your enquiry.

Activplus specialises in complex health management of conditions such as: asthma, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, musculoskeletal conditions,diabetes and obesity-related complications.

A major focus of Activplus is on rehabilitation of chronic back, shoulder and neck conditions. Activplus uses an evidence-based approach based on restoring upgraded function for each client.  Functional improvement is achieved in a step by step approach to show measurable improvement.
Practical information in the areas of health management, exercise, low GI dietary approach, weight loss and rehabilitation equipment are available to clients and guests alike. 

Motivational assistance is an essential part of any client self-management strategy. Tools and resources are available to assist clients and guests.
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