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Importance of motivation
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This key article provides not just an overview of the fine detail behind goal setting and motivation for change, but the detail of WHY you will get motivated and stay motivated until you get what you want.

In other words what will get you up in the morning, keep you fired up each and every day....and push you through setbacks as they inevitably occur.

This article focusses on principles of motivation, goal setting and BEYOND GOAL SETTING for health management. In other words- how to MAINTAIN change into the longer term future, for YOUR benefit.

The difference between this programme and others in the market is that it looks at the reasons behind the reasons you may state outwardly ( in other words we go beneath the surface to find the BIG reasons )and break down statements, aspirations and big general goals into powerful emotional reasons for doing whatever it is you want to achieve in terms of your goals ( your WANTS ) in your health management.

Note that I do not say needs, as we all need basics such as food, water, shelter, income, work and social contact.

WANTS are desires you can define and most people do with statements such as:" I want to lose weight and never have to diet again".......... You get the drift......big, general statements with not much, if any detail....not yet anyway.........

It is the questions you ask yourself now that largely determine your achievements later. Why is this so ?

Probably because the actions you set in motion cause momentum and if you ask the right questions or explore deeply enough, you will find your own reasons to take action, to test and modify as you go along and to keep taking action UNTIL you find the right methods to be successful in whatever it is you choose to pursue.

You probably already have great ideas regarding your health, have seen proof that these ideas work, yet do nothing or very little apart from admiring others as they achieve success. Or maybe you have achieved a little success but go off the boil from time to time thus putting you off course.

Sound familiar ?

So, this course is very reinforcing and positive. Best of all, YOU define and build it with thoughts and images that motivate you. For some people that may be is only if you have courage to act that you will go forward armed with new enthusiasm to achieve and the meaning (at a deeper level within yourself) to drive you relentlessly forward.


  • Courage" to identify the risk of doing something, then doing it anyway.
  • 'Success' a willingness to fail, modify your actions, redirect energy and try again until success is achieved.
' a willingness to fail, modify your actions, redirect energy and try again until success is achieved '.

In this scenario, failure is not an option. If you consider failure IS an option you might like to reconsider that approach. If your motivation is big enough, you will keep going and find a way through.

Quote: " We will either find a way or make a way" ( Hannibal ) He did not consider even the possibility of not going forward in his explorations and conquests across the Alps. Failure was not an option as death may have been the outome of failure..

'Self belief' this article and associated software is not to reinvent your self-belief. This might surprise you. This course is to get you outside your comfort zone and to get you to think about what you REALLY want IN DETAIL and WHY ( this is critical ) you want this goal or goals of yours.

If you feel laid bare by this, you're not alone. It is personal and it can be confronting. What I teach is how to channel this energy, so that your tidal wave of pent up action is irresistibly released so you can go forward and achieve what you really want.

This approach is not 'rah, rah' football coach stuff- it is internally driven ( by you ) once the external drive, guidance and facilitation is complete. You also have software, audio and video to reinforce what you have learnt about yourself and your goals and more importantly what is BEHIND your ( again, the WHY of your goal aspirations ) big goals.

If you feel strongly enough about something, you'll NOT do it- if it is:

  • weak
  • wishful
  • vague
  • too realistic**, you probably won't do it ( well, not for long anyway ) Quick definition- 'realistic' in this sense means if you set goals too low, you may find you are not all that driven to get them- an example might be if you want to lose a kilogram per month.....will that pull you along to perform extra well in your new diet and exercise programme ? Probably not. If it was an extra 1 kilogram per week weight loss- might that do it ?

Let's not restrict this just to health goals might be relationships, travel or career goals ( weight loss is a big one for many people which is why I use it as an example ) if this is what you crave and desire.

Not just "I want it if is not too hard to get, if I don't have to stay back late or do something on the weekend or some evenings when it is too hot, too cold or i am a bit tired ". Successful people do not just turn up from 9-5, Monday to Friday.

Remember it is YOUR health at stake: I assume you want to have the best possible health for as long as you can have it. Would that be correct ??

It is your willingness to do what others are not prepared to do that will give you benefits that others want but are not prepared to pay the price for.

You need to commit to your detailed specific goals. You don't have to ask your partner, best friend or family member for their blessings. In fact I recommend you don't ask them at all.


Because they may say, " don't be so silly and unrealistic,  'just accept who you are'. Act your age might be another thing they say.

If you need reassurance that what you are doing by switching onto unrealistic goals is the right thing to do, ask your mentor or advisor or someone who is into unrealistic goals. 

Examples of unrealistic goals ( three of mine ):

1. to fly in the rear seat of a FA 18 Hornet jet and feel the power of the thrust at takeoff and landing

2, to go into outer space and circle the earth, just to see what it looks like and feel weightless

3. to make love to Jessica Alba....well, okay, two out of three ain't bad !!

Some theory:

1. train your conscious mind and subconscious mind using affirmations- nothing new in this ( Tony Robbins is a big advocate of this and he does it so well ) I'm not going into detail of the theory but briefly- after repeated successful practice of a particular statement or action the mind cannot tell if it is conscious thought controlling action or the subconscious mind controlling it.

It is what you programme into your mind that will determine what will come out in your actions and behaviour.

Example- a golf tee shot: the thoughts you have programme movement patterns. A very skilled performer has thoughts visualisations and movements ( actions ) so in tune they can produce the performance over and over almost perfectly. The novice might occasionally get it right, but not often. Note almost perfect ( humans are not machines )but just taking action based on sound information and practice keeps youo going forward.

If you tee off and have to go over water, don't think," I must not go in the water, I must go over the water" What you are doing is programming the water as the subject....remember the subconscious and the conscious cannot tell the difference.....and if you keep focussing on the water........well, you might just end up in the water ( because you have programmed youself to hit your shot in there ).

2. 'If you can conceive it and believe it , you can achieve it' Without going into details, some examples are the creation of the cochlear ear implant, Ray Kroc of McDonalds fame and the way he had a plan for franchising by 'blueprint', Alexander Graham Bell and the telephone

3. Practice makes perfect. I am from a sports background, so it is really 'perfect practice' makes perfect otherwise you can get very good at a very bad skill !! In the case of internet marketing for example, it is not important to be perfect before commencing as you can start with the basics and change your approach by testing on a small scale then modifying the approach and mirroring successful marketers' methods in your niche.

4. duplicate it, review it, modify if necessary, then repeat it

5. fine tuning-
It is human nature to change over time. I bet there's a lot of life goals , attitudes and experiences shaped over time that you can think of- we don't tend to stand still- what you wanted at age 14 by way of goal/s has probably changed by now !
So, change is normal, manage change by being aware of it and by keeping abreast of new developments in your chosen field. Do not stand still; you might find you get passed by in the rush.

Roadbumps ( also known as barriers )

The fact that you are reading this tells me things as they stand for you health-wise right now are not what you might want them to be.

Chances are you will live to be 70-80 even 90 years of age ( older if you are a woman ), depending on genetics, luck ( no major accidents or illnesses ), some stress (we all need some, but not too much ),good general health including mental health and no unexpected, catastrophic life events

What I have seen from my backgroung of 30 years of dealing with people including visiting nursing homes, dealing with social security based rehabilitation clients, accident victims etc was that many believed " it won't happen to me" and when ir did many were totally unprepared and struggled to cope- some of them years later were still not coping because they had no faith in their ability to change ( as well as no faith in government or insurance systems ). Many of them never thought any further than next week's pay and probably never did even when they were working.

So it is with health- some conditions creep up as we age- these insidious conditions can be managed however, IF changed behaviour can be actioned and maintained.

The clients that did successfully change and adapt were the ones who showed a spark of 'something'- you could almost predict the ones who would succeed.

Let me give you two examples of successful change and why it was possible in each case and how that relates to YOUR ability to change ( once you have a big enough reason to change......this is crucial ).

 Quote " You attitude determines your altitude "

One of the truest statements of all. If you think you can do something ( assuming you have the skills and knowledge ), you most likely can do it.

If you think you can't, you're probably right as well. This approach almost ensures you are beaten before you start.

My background is in rehabilitation, coaching and consulting. The common theme ? People and behaviour change.

What brings about change? Firstly, planning it. Secondly looking deep inside yourself and seeing and FEELING how important it is to you to achieve the change- if it is sorta kinda okay if you get there, well maybe you'll do it, maybe not.

If you have a burning desire and HUGE reasons to do it, you will hang in there through thick and thin UNTIL you get to you destination.

A question about motivation. How many psychologists does it take to change a light globe ?

Only one, but he or she has to want to change it.

Okay, so it is a crappy anecdote, but you get the idea. There is a school of thought that humans will change their approach to either:

  • avoid painful experiences
  • or pursue pleasurable ones.

Now it is not the aim of this article to get into deep psychological theory, but let's assume that what is written above is basically correct.

So, why put up with impaired health when by modifying behaviour- eg some regular exercise, attention to diet and a positive attitude ( ie a 'can do' approach ) will work wonders in terms of health outcomes?

Who actually wants to take many tablets and have other medications and therapies when taking self- responsibility is in most cases an option ?

My role is to explore and present OPTIONS for you and to develop your understanding so YOU can take ACTION and maintain changes for YOUR OWN benefit.
So, come start this journey to successful health outcomes for YOU.  You CAN change IF you really WANT to !!

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