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Our highly skilled practitioners treat each cliient with compassion and dignity. Activplus exercise physiology is committed to listening to each client's concerns and proactively treating common ailments and musculoskeletal conditions.

The old adage 'use it or lose it' applies to many conditions such as back pain/ weakness, management of diabetes type II in particular, obesity related functional impairment and a host of others. Abdominal conditioning to help support the function of the back is a specific application of well-researched, evidence-based exercises, progressively upgraded to suit each individual as he or she improves functionally. Each level is determined by careful examination and evaluation of presenting factors.

Care should always be taken when commencing any exercise programme. If you have any concerns, please consult your treating practitioner in the first instance. Exercise routines or examples presented on this site are general by nature. Activplus takes all care to research exercises shown, but cannot be liable for misuse or lack of proper diagnosis in individual cases by other practitioners.

Our services include:

Functional assessment
Workplace and ergonomic assessment
Exercise prescription
Asthma management
Diabetes management
Diabetes guidelines
Glucose Testing
Management of back conditions & shoulder complaints
Medicare Enhanced Primary Care
Arthritis exercise prescription
Pain Management
Work related activity programme- assessment and monitoring/ insurance claims
Pilates-based exercise routines
Fitness Testing

We specialize in treating:

Chronic Pain
Hypertension/High Blood Pressure
Obesity-related sleep apnoea
Weight Management
Heart Disease & PVD
Musculoskeletal conditions- back pain, shoulder conditions, knee and ankle rehabilitation

We accept the following insurance companies:
Medibank Private
Grand United
Australian Unity
Teacher's Federation
Reserve Bank

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Activplus Exercise Physiology
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